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Waste Water Treatment Chemical INR   215 INR  215

Waste Water Treatment Chemical

The Anionic Poly Electrolyte is specifically designed for improvising the filtration and clarification processes in sugar process. This organic based copolymer flocculant is effective in complex systems, which coagulate the solids and instantly form flocs. We process this product is processed with higher prudency to make it applicable with any pH value range.The products which we cater under Anionic poly Electrolyte are Anionic Polyelectrolyte Powder, Polyacralamide, PAM powder, Liquid Anionic Polyelectrolyte, Effluent Treatment Flocculant. This while colored powder is known for its matchless characteristics like improvise efficiency of clarifier, lower retention time, suitable for any pH range, reduce mud volume and compress filter cakes. This flocculant is ideally utilized in industrial waste water treatment, drinking water treatment, paper making industry and various other industries.

INR 215 INR 215


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